Become affiliate & earn

With our commission of 20% on every single order, no minimum or maximum payouts,monthly payments directly to your payment account and unieqe products to choose from - you will have everything needed to profit by doing any kind of promotion.

And if you are not sure where or how to begin with the promotion, you are welcome to contact us and our team of experts will guide you through the process and provided you all kinds of promotional material we currently have.

Let's do some quick math on how much money can you actually make. Let’s assume you have 10,000 Instagram followers:

Let’s say you post a video or an image of a selected product on your social media stream

Now assuming that just approximately 5% of your followers (statistically speaking, but depending on your audience it is often much higher) engage with that post - that’s 500 visits through one post.

If these visitors convert at just 2% (our normal conversion rates are much higher than that), that’s about 10 sales just from one post which took you couple of minutes to do. With an average cart value of $120, you have just made yourself $240 with minimum effort on your side. Our product images and promo material tends to be shared a lot as they are professional and unique.

You can post your unique affiliate link and/or coupon anywhere you find suitable, whether it's a webpage, blog, social media or anything else for that matter and you are allowed to use our own product images and promo material or create your own.

This is not a strict partnership and you can promote as much or as little you would like - it's totally up to you!

The whole process is automated and is handled by one of the largest affiliate network programs and you will be paid out via Paypal on 1st day of every month (if you would like to have it paid differently please do contact us)

What makes this even better is our 20 day cookie policy which means that a visitor coming via your unique link doesn’t have to buy product(s) instantly for you to get paid. In fact, you will still get paid for all any sale that your referred visitor makes in next 20 days.