Health benefits of different kinds of bananas

Health benefits of different kinds of bananas

Bananas are very good for your health and immune system, as it contains many nutrients. Your body can gain potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium by eating this delicious fruit.

Green Bananas

Is not it surprising that not only ripe bananas are healthy? Young and green bananas are also very beneficial for your body. They ensure longer period of satiety and green bananas can also balance your blood sugar.  Green bananas are low on the glycemic index, so this is the best snack choice for a person with the problems of blood sugar levels.


New Leggings
New Leggings
Yellow Bananas

Most of us buy regular yellow bananas at the store, which are very healthy and sweet. They are also full of antioxidants, which is great for your immune system, as it keeps our body safe from various diseases. Yellow bananas are easy to digest so they are good for those people, who have this kind of a problem.

Bananas Brown Spots

Bananas with some brown spots are also good for your health; they can even prevent the cancer. Brown spots indicate that these bananas can protect you from abnormal cells that are dangerous for your health. They are also the best choice for fighting off tumors.

Brown Bananas

Even brown bananas are very healthy. Although they might not be your first choice at the store, but they can help you manage stress and anxiety. They are also very good for your muscle and bone health.

In conclusion, everyone agrees that this fruit is truly amazing. You can eat them at different stages of ripeness and they can offer you, your family and friends many health benefits.